⋅ 8 March 2010

The Dam

The water rushed quick through the gates,
while foaming from the mouth,
see molecules in altered states
and oscillating south.

The engineering was spot on,
a ridge to tame and alter
this colourful phenomenon
Poseidon meets Gibraltar.

Shaped with smart physics, built of stone
man-made to please all viewers,
passive we stand, each one a clone
and no one knows the brewer.

The trance comes easy, silence hums
we're drawn into the rages,
and listen to mysterious drums
the voice of distant ages.

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  • Mesmerisedddxx was eye.... and the spill gates... well you got the flow right... and where there is a drum there is dance... and precious Queensland water... tis a rarity and magic moments to capture... and of southern course, you brewed it ... well. 8 Mar 2010 by

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