⋅ 12 March 2013

SVELTE (Word of the Day)

The beauty of a cheetah streaking across looking so slim
How svelte its body stretched out from limb to limb

In our daily rounds of activity
We see too many weighted down by obesity

A bit of daily exercise could help us wear shorter belts
And eventually even know the feeling of svelte

When I think about the word svelte
My one difficulty is to remember how it's spelt

All cheetahs keep themselves slender or slim
Our lives never need to appear grim

- March 11, 2013

Svelte /svɛlt, sfɛlt/ adjective, svelt·er, svelt·est.
1. slender, especially gracefully slender in figure; lithe.
2. suave; blandly urbane.

1810–20; < French < Italian svelto < Vulgar Latin *exvellitus pulled out (replacing Latin ēvulsus, past participle of ēvellere ), equivalent to Latin ex- ex- + velli-, variant stem of vellere to pull, pluck + -tus past participle suffix

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  • a great piece my friend. Thanks for sharing.12 Mar 2013 by

  • Oh, to run like the cheetah ! thanks Ben12 Mar 2013 by

  • I will now associate svelte with slim cheetahs... Great write Ben12 Mar 2013 by

  • So true! Chetaah is my favourite animal, among "cats". I love them all. Svelte = "esbelto" , in Spanish. It's the same meaning. If, somehow we meet, you'll talk Spanish, and myself a decent English..! LOL!12 Mar 2013 by

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