⋅ 24 March 2013
bild från Flickr
Photo from Flickr by trepelu

I'm John Knight

I'm also a host of others including, most recently, Peter Armstrong. I fooled many of you with my charm. I like to get into women's inboxes. After a while my kinky nature comes out. Ha Ha Ha. Cry on my shoulder. Later you'll be on other parts of my ancient anatomy. Yes, that's me on the WC. I like to make people think I look like Hugh Jackman, though... he's the one I picked for my avatar hehe...

By the way, I don't mind sharing this because I can always change identities.

I also have female identities. I swing both ways. That lithe, lovely number that's cuddling you in your inbox, mister, is in all probability me!

Everyone keeps saying that this site is only for poetry... but if that is true why do I have so many partners!

The next time any of you lonely people need a friend, just reach out to me. Maybe some guy or some girl will comfort you. Please don't leave when I suggest a few little games, it's what keeps me here...

PS If you want to spot me... I like acrostics, mirror poems, rhyming couplets, puppy dogs, kittens, rainbows, rocking horses, God and marmalade. The saccharine sweet, tad too long comment is one of my trademarks.

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