⋅ 10 April 2013

Why do us women never give nice guys a chance

As women we think we want something we really don't want,
A man who we think will love us eventually but will end up breaking our heart,
A man who we think qualifies as what a real man is,
A man who is strong, tall, and handsome,

But women ask yourself is that what a real man is,

I have meet plenty of nice men,
Men who would help, listen to me, and always be there for me no matter what, would never once judge me,

Men who see us as scared vessels rather then objects that can be lied to and manipulated just to get in our pants,

These men we tend to walk all over never giving them the time of day as if we need their reinsurance to fill that gap those so called man we think qualifies as a man,

I'm not saying that i haven't done that before,
But to realize now that i have had a man that would have been there for and want nothing but the best for me and I threw that away due to my own selfishness,

What can I say I was a dumb-ass blinded but what media has instilled into me what a man is,

I have learned now that those men who never once judge me, loved me, cared for me, and never stopped even though I was an ass to them are the men I want in my life.

Men who always wanted the best for me and never shoot down my dreams!

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  • Gotta give those men a chance . yes I agree why do women throw the nice guys to the curb only to deal with a rotten loser. Everyone sees things differently in a relationship and not always are we gonna get in return what we gave. I as a man always feel compelled to know how the women feels. To love her, nuture her say kind words to her and care for her. It be so nice if more men would stand up and be men. Nice insight.10 Apr 2013 by

  • Women have a natural drive to see what is best in a person. In a thing. It is a higher calling to many women to nurture that drive. That is something true. It is what makes women Awesome leaders. We are alchemists. We combine things; people, situations, beliefs, desires, and basic necessity for survival and we create beautiful things from it. Why do we not choose the nice guy? Because he doesn't need us. He is already perfect. Beyond all that, there is a very simple mistake in this submission that throws the whole thing off. Did you mean sacred as opposed to scared? Or did you mean scared? Either one works but I don't know which one you mean, and that is sloppy work. Good words, strong writer, you got my opinion, and my critique. But tell me, was it scared or sacred? I can't measure this poem because one word stands out as odd. If you did mean scared, I don't know what culture you're speaking of.11 Apr 2013 by

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