⋅ 27 April 2013

The Sunless Flower

She's lost, she's lost
Someone help find her
Her thoughts, her thoughts
Someone needs to remind her

That she still has wisdom
And she still has power
So call up the search team
And search every tower

While her heart and her mind
Continue the battle
Life choices are not made
To be solved so simple

But it's not just her feelings
And not just her thoughts
It's all of these things
That are making her lost

If the flowers don't bloom
When the sun doesn't shine
Why should her eyes tell the truth
When they only see lies

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  • Beautiful.27 Apr 2013 by

  • This is very good!27 Apr 2013 by

  • Amazing expression....... :)29 Apr 2013 by

  • good work... expressive and impactful29 Apr 2013 by

  • Great poem definitely recommended 2 May 2013 by

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