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Have you guys ever done anything like writing on walls?
I thought it’s way too fun till I got kicked in the balls.
This is my story; Once I was stupid and shy.
My first day in new school, then I started to cry.

‘Cause this is my third school and I’m just in third grade.
Didn’t make many eye contacts ’cause I was too afraid.
I was shakin’ like leaves & desperately needed a seat.
And I sat next to a girl who seemed kind and sweet.

I saw a good friend in her, so asked her, her name.
She told me her name & then she asked me the same.
But some kids didn’t like it, so they came towards me.
I was too slim, they started making fun of me.

Then they forced me to eat a few pieces of chalk.
From next day, I sat alone; To no one, I talked.
Kept taunting me every day and ate my pancakes.
I thought they hate me ’cause of some mistakes I made.

One day, I asked them on their face, what did I do?
Then a fat hit the fire, I was beaten black & blue.
But a kind kid rescued me from all those damn fools
But a few weeks later, he joined some other school.

And once again I was on my own for the rest of the days.
Used to rest in the classroom when rest of the class played.
Then one day, I wrote something on the freaking wall.
Three or four of them saw me writing and started a brawl.

They made me wrawl; I saw them watch me crawl.
And I prayed to Gods to end this, once and for all.
Next day I acted sick and stayed in my home.
But it did not work out, had to tell things to my Mom.

Next day she came to school to meet all those kids.
Smiled to those kids & told it’s wrong what they did.
After that, those kids never troubled me again, never.
But, like a nightmare, it haunted my mind forever.

I never wrote on walls again but I never stopped writing.
Yes, I lost to those kids but I never stopped fighting.
Somehow I knew, Spidey is not gonna come to rescue.
So I wiped my own ass and never threw an excuse.

Once I was an average kid, I never aced a test.
But I wasn’t gonna give up my fight to become the best.
Then I’m on a straighter path, so I saw the greater signs.
Later I nailed in Math and never failed in Science.

Somethings withered on the wine but still things were fine.
And nine years later, I saw me writing down some lines
for a friend of mine, before he became my spine.
He came first out of sixty; Yes, I made him shine.

Some days later he told I have a poetic soul
said that the poet in me can play a major role
in bringing all of my feelings out as a whole.
And not to let my emotions rot in a hidey-hole.

Some people still hated me, told I’m good for nothing
Told my ink is stinking, I should quit my writing.
They don’t like to read me cause my pen keeps swearing.
Who the fuck they are to decide who is fit for writing?

Some relations I had given me some food for thought.
All the love I got from all of them inspired me a lot.
So I wrote ’em down, even on the pain it brought.
Got the comfort I sought; Writing became my perfect shot.

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