Gone but not Forgotten


Lost my grandpa the other day and now my heart is heavy/Tears flow freely enough to break a levee/I mean damn, I knew you have to leave one day just didn’t another chance to hold your hand/Joy comes in the morning so they say /but I have and some sleepless nights so it makes it hard to get through the day/ I wish I could and helped with the chess compressions /and maybe then I wouldn’t be stressing/Cause I could say I tried the way you did after the stroke/ You showed us for 5 years how strong you can be/ and I’m thinking I’m getting old at 40 what the hell is wrong with me? /No pain can match with the fight you gave daily regardless of how you felt/ Your funeral is coming up and I think I might need some help/ You made it cool to be a Cleveland on some of your better days/ I won’t let your memory die as we go our separate ways. Your birthday is coming soon and I know you did not forget about mine/ I know you was smiling down on me letting me know everything will be fine ?

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Loves Poetry, Dallas Cowboys, Trying to get back into writing, My writings are usually based on real life situations. Happy to be back on this website.. Hope my poems can inspire and enlighten other poets and writers. Can also be very transparent..


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