⋅ 25 September 2013


Congrats to my poet fiend Premji-Checkov !

A simple cover for my second short story collection...

Publisher: PARTRIDGE, A Penguin Company.

I hear
to the upstairs!
My friend
you're a mobile Library
and you gained much
of the mysterious life.
Though you quit from poetry for a while,
in your short stories
yes, I see the rhythm
that flows like a stream
and still a twin brother or sister
of prose!

to my brotherly friend premji
I wish you all the best!

nimal p.dunuhinga

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  • Why'd he quit? ^-^25 Sep 2013 by

  • It is beautiful!!!25 Sep 2013 by

  • great tribute25 Sep 2013 by

  • i didn't quit.... i am still here... due to some commitements, i am not writing anything! thanks dear nimal...26 Sep 2013 by

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