Running in Place on My Way to Church


My mind has been stained with a past
with effects I pray that don’t last (God bless)
I shoo my demons away
ensurin’ one good deed a day (God bless)

Elicit an interest, I’m happy to visit
a show – quite unwillin’ to miss it
And if you’re a demon, you’re not on the list
Held a gesture that may seem explicit

Exhausted and sweaty, my hands in the air
as I’m praisin’ the lord as my savior
Demeanor is just, showin’ nothin’ but care,
second-guessing my tender behavior

Belated display of this human decay
as forgiveness is out of my way
With nothin’ to say, my silence speaks volumes
I call you, appalled to this day

The demons appear to be trustworthy
but trust me, do not be deceived
and open your eyes as I beg that you hurry
because otherwise it’s a shock you’ll receive

I know in my heart that I’m playin’ the part
of a victim who luckily listens
The voices who lust for a shatter of trust
are now quiet and seemingly missin’

My mind has been stained with a past
with effects I pray that won’t last (God bless)
I banish my demons away
as I leave with little to say (God bless).


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