Best Years


To read the world that I never knew

I rise up to a rooftop view

See the fires behind the glass still flare

In this life that I feel, but I’m not there


& it’s all so easy, sitting so high

Watching images of moments quickly passing by

To a haven of hearts, where all past disappears

With the voice of the outcasts

that are living their best years


Feel the pages turn, the same old song again

Revolution hardly lasts

In the heart of any man

But our hands leave a trace,

our feet change the road

& we stay

In a parallel world,

free from their rules & their way


To seize the night & read the world to you

I’ll look again for a rooftop view

& all we never were could be a new book to be read

A poem filled with dreams of you & words we never said


& we escape the crowd but we never run

Welcomed by a morning that offers no sun

Or a rain so pure that holds no tears

For any regret awakening in our best years


Make the pages turn, it’s the same old song again

Like the fire that’s burning

In the heart

Of every man

That can make his hands write the long story of today

That’ll be a world for him forever to stay




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