Withered Kiss of Seasons


This town, at last, welcomed me
With open arms that never carried anything
Bathed in the rain & the void of lights
Like me, She still awaits for the spring

We’ll never have each other
Eternally wishing to defy, to resist
But we’ll both remain, carrying the pieces
Of a spirit born in the days of mist

Winters will be silent
Tales of spring always retold
& summer will give itself
To autumn made of fading gold
Days won’t be remembered
Nights lonely, unused, wrong
Maybe only the dawn will give me
The dream to feel that I belong

I never thought I could be
Saved when it felt so right
To take a part of myself
Pull it back into the night
I never wished to be here
I never knew you’d come
To paint what’s left of it
When the streets are bare & numb

’cause every time I wake up
A part of me is gone
The part that dreamt of you, & forgot
Every time I wake up
I feel my heart floating away
Every time I wake up
I feel like someone that I’m not

This town, at last, welcomed me
As it sank in dreams when the world fell apart
As it took the most beautiful thorns
That were made to stab its rotting heart

& we’ll both keep dreaming of spring
Fading in the calm of winters deep
We’ll never have each other
Just a broken piece of eternal sleep



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