The Liberal Paradox


Abandon your hopes
You were born in a wrong place
Too many things to judge
& twice as more to erase

What remains on our planet’s soft face
When the pages are blank
Minds outspoken, surrounded
When words are strictly defined
Passions grounded

What is?
When you’ve left no more values to displace

Abandoned by hopes
Trapped in that old frame
You preach equal rights
To a predesigned counterclaim

Building walls, new laws in freedom’s name
Seeking crimes within art
But the words are all said
Just pick a few from those
We left for dead

Take away the bones from the living
Wrap our notions
In your concepts
The brain’s living hell
Stop the beats that escape our hearts
Chain the rhythms
Let no thoughts bear flame
Inside this prison cell

Take our souls into your territory
Let no motion
The world that you were meant to reign
Stain the blood frozen in mankind
With absolute “truth”
Thoughtcrime fading
& only you’re meant to remain

To watch over a land
Too proud & faceless to feel pain



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