Whose World is This?


Raise your hand if
your confidence is reaching its limit
Well let me tell you,
don’t dare believe it for a minute

A poet stands at the center
of circles of illusions
Sparked by the fire within
and burnin’ institutions

They write about the current state
as far as they can see it,
as well as personal doubts
claimin’ that they can feel it

Don’t hand your savings over,
’cause now you pay it forward,
but life won’t pay you back,

So what you say to that?

“I say we’re bein’ controlled
by such an evil system;
a metal contract was forced
on lost and bleedin’ victims.”

“I don’t agree with you, man.
We’re where we need to be.
With very little control,
we risk to eat for free!”

We risk to eat for free?

“Food’s a commodity!
And with overpopulation,
I say this honestly!”

“Don’t mean to interrupt;
your notion of depravity
appears dumbfounded and
far from grounded by gravity.”

“I say this world belongs
to kings and innovators;
hope of the people is thrown
to the incinerator.”

“We’re seeking liberators
mightier than the sword.
We work to buy them a pen –
weapons we can afford.”

“And when their eyes are wide open
I think that writers see
the world not for what it is, 
rather what it could be.”

“Yeah! They’re talkin’ for us metaphorically,
imaginin’ utopias for you and me,
questions answered rhetorically.”

The world is yours
and no one else’s,
so live to give it more time
through love and being selfless.


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