⋅ 2 June 2010



All through the sultry and humid day,
The sky had grown angry and reddish grey!
And the evening suddenly became very still,
As an eerie silence crept therein !
When suddenly from the sky came rushing out,
Making a prolonged wistling and gushing sound,
As if some beastly hounds have been let out ,
There came the raging, ravaging, sand storm!

Lashing the tree tops and smashing window
panes ,
Uprooting old trees by road side and lanes!
Ravaging and railing with its destructive force,
Blew the angry and relentless sand storm!
As papers and packets and old withered leaves,
Flew around like threadless kites on this
Summer's eve!
All my collected thoughts, desires and dreams,
Flew helter-skelter with the winds up high!
Like rudderless ships without direction,
With the wirlwind in its maddening motion,
With dust in my hair, in my eyes and mouth ;
As the sand storm raged all around and about!

And after some time like a spent out force,
The storm abated as night drew close!
With dust in my hair, in my eyes and mouth,
While a pleasant coolness prevailed all around!
Dust am I, and to dust I shall return,
Once I wake up from my earthly trance!
And with the raging sand storm I shall rage
one day,
To join in its maddening dance in the month
of May!

-Raj Nandy
New Delhi
May 08

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  • this is a wonderful poem 2 Jun 2010 by

  • So vividly depicted that I could feel the dust in my hair and face too Raj - - it must be a scary situation as it suddenly blows in and covers everything with sand - - yet as the piece explains it brings a coolness so in one way it is a blessing -- a portrait of something akin to a dream in a land prone to wonderous weather change... thank you for giving us such a personal account along with a very well worded verse. 2 Jun 2010 by

  • ammmmazing depiction indeed! beautiful picturesque by words! 3 Jun 2010 by

  • Sand storm marvelously described in this poem. It is a relevant commentary on the recent sand storm in New Delhi. Kudos. 5 Jun 2010 by

  • Perfectly written... i see no flaws... yes, sand storm well described here in this poem... 5 Jun 2010 by

  • kites without threads...a sand storm beautifully described 6 Jun 2010 by

  • A well crafted work describing a natural disaster! Wisdom is self-evident in this master piece...Awesome! Love and Peace... 6 Jun 2010 by

  • Very nicely written, the description was written well 8 Jun 2010 by

  • Power filled my poet friend....so wonderfully descriptive I found myself holding my breath... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing15 Jun 2010 by

  • a grand well-written poem and again the last four lines are absolutely captivating. kind regards, john18 Jun 2010 by

  • wow ,wonderful..felt as if I was amidst a sand storm...hmmm.a very well crafted poem....26 Jun 2010 by

  • Raj, this is simply amazing, am speechless. now how do i add it to my fav. 1 Jul 2010 by

  • You put us all in the middle of this storm and sure we will join you in its maddening dance such a realistic poem of such a stormy day in Delhi...wonderful write my friend 3 Jul 2010 by

  • Lashing the tree tops and smashing window panes , Uprooting old trees by road side and lanes! Ravaging and railing with its destructive force, ... Finally it has dashed the ground.. to rejoice with rage and dance.. happiness to celebrate with all the earthly creatures.. nice to read all its contents...12 Jul 2010 by

  • Raj, a truly great and impressive description of a natural phenomenon, and I just loved how you blended it with philosophy in the last stanza: 'Dust am I, and to dust I shall return..'.Beautiful verse.12 Aug 2010 by

  • it's really a poem to be read aloud. you have really sketched the duststorms at this time of year very vividly with such a flowing beat and rhythm. last stanza is philosophical, and I liked the ending Raj.23 May 2011 by

  • A beautiful write! 2 Feb 2015 by

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