Denial maketh hypocrite



Shouldn’t have named the ship Regrets,

for there’s no sailing back in time,

Had to be deaf when the Sirens

started singing your favourite rhymes.

Knowing them to feed on lost souls,

fair punishment for mindless crimes,

I can be trusted on this one,

Boy there are wounds you can’t stitch twice.


Now down to the last but one chance,

can you fathom the urgency?

Worry some more my senseless friend,

the rules you must read carefully.

She would have told you everything

if your dear mother only knew,

Trust your instincts, slow your breathing

and brace yourself for the journey.


Damned be the coin that flipped you good

and this optionless universe.

Down in the air, groggy you stood

gasping out for poisoned answers.

When no one picked up on your call,

you invoked love in a whisper,

Yet what you bargained in the end

looked like a self inflicted curse.


That’s the best case scenario,

where you are left with zero chance,

12 million miles from where you want,

12 million steps from a romance…

Can’t read a map, lost as can be

Can’t see a sign, can’t ring the bell.

Give up, you’re tired and thirsty

There’s no liking the way it smells…


And now your head becomes a bar

And now my stanzas ain’t sober

You lost your keys and all your cash,

The next round is on me brother,

One tasteless liquor too many,

We’re minutes before tomorrow

Today’s a bad joke too early

It fits like vodka in Moscow.


Ain’t no place left for you to go,

no timeline you can wander on.

You played with life and she played you,

what’s the safeword you agreed on?

So done searching, forgotten phrase

Guess now’s the time to accept it.

You messed up in so many ways,

Denial maketh hypocrite.


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