Some time ago,

I wished upon a star for someone to make me an angel so I could fly far away from this existence

Because I couldn’t understand why I never allowed myself to find happiness

Maybe if I tried a little harder next time

Maybe if I found something that I could be good at, it wouldn’t matter so much

Maybe I could fix myself without my heart caving in and the world crashing all around me

Maybe someday I could learn to swim through the deep water without looking down and sinking to the bottom

The feeling is still lingering inside of me

Mostly forgotten, but not gone

Someday I hope that I can wash this all away and learn how to breathe again

Or that someone can make me an angel so I can fly far away from this existence

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“I’ve been holding my breath almost my entire life, waiting for my soaring spirit to find its way back to my body.”

-The Girl Who Named The World :paperback, hard cover, and ebook are available through amazon and Barnes and Noble

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