In darkness find refuge.
Without light, no harsh
visuals before you
shall be brought.

In silence find fortitude.
Within meditation, the
negativity inside o’you
will always be fought.

In withdrawal find comfort.
Without words, no insults
t’monopolize y’tongue
shall be sought.

Trust me.

Everythin’ I’ma say is true.
This is My point of view.
This is the isht that I wish
someone would’ve dished
m’way so I fricken knew.


One small oversight
on their behalf —
‘n jus’ like that
I’m in a foul mood.

My thoughts are skewed.
My anger’s brewed.
It kick start’s a fued.
My vocabulary’s queue’d.
‘n here I am.. Thinkin’ —
Ahhh, yeah
This paper’s f’kn screwed!

When it comes t’growin’ up
at an extremely early age —


As that dude;
I’ma spill factual ink,
like I’m writin’ an oath.

The difference between

I’ve been fortunate
t’know them both.

I’ve been fortunate
t’show some growth.

I’ve been fortunate
enough t’be able t’provide.

I’ve been fortunate
enough t’help conflicts reside.

I’ve been fortunate
enough t’help learn that
there is a difference
between bein’ proud,
‘n havin’ a sense o’pride.

You see,

In darkness I’ve found refuge.
Without light, no harsh
visuals before me
shall be brought.

In silence I’ve found fortitude.
In meditation, negativity within me
will always be fought.

In withdrawal I’ve found comfort.
Without words, no insults
t’monopolize m’tongue
shall be sought.


-rome ©2017


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◀ I won't hesitate to let you know when I cry, laugh, or straight up get caught in my feelings.

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  • There it is again… that sharpening of a new and visually enthralling spectacle of a structure. Brilliance, taking me on to these inner thoughts, and the meditation/negativity repetition was done to expertly well. This is what I meant when stating just how much you’re making this poem game your own, Rome. This gem is fire!

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