Too tried at the beset of telling, foremost the moment

A gross second, the speed of a rabbit all deduced and flair

Outstacked- the smallness of a pouring voice where prayers seem fruitless


Of anything evocative to state, to declare


Over opulence the sacred division, dividing place and staple

the tornado movement of ignorance and chant

Varied lingering, leading and lording, looting, loitering

Of last and first mock of a thrill and ghastly risk


Of anything evocative to state, the glass, to declare


Tiny shatter come but missing, to grace the forlorn out of crime

Packaged in slaughter and pitched by the lean

Seas and seas of painstaking combs, flush of sand

the pearl to reap, to speak, to state, to rise and fall

The crusaders, the ampid difference


Of everything provocative, evolutionary, empirical to state and declare


Tired be masses in rich by the scheme, opportunity a spoken heart be vested

a high flower broken break to the sun, a dreamer never dies, voice never shackled

Varied due, quiet, bright light of the leader, sought effect for affect


Of declaration, to speak your mind

About the author


I love to write short stories, poetry and novice physics but I don't write as much as I should. My favorite poets are James Agee and Pablo Neruda because they to me, are very deep but totally different poets. I love the romance and life of Neruda and the eeriness and struggle of Agee. I am a person of solitude and often times mistaken.

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