Silly Nightmare


Her sudden scorn, alarm clock raising shudders

bursting hallucinations, quipping the memory to be desired

Long legged spiny monster looping through the street at my hair

Shell shocked and breathless, frozen balls of fire perking

Left spent, hairless in my nightmare, hoping on a better zone of air

Running on empty, seeking abreast past the beast of frightening craze

My feet so fast, velocity takes a second glance at metamorphic asteroids

Looping past Popcorn Street to do a turn round Second Guess It Ave.

Hiding under a car, it seems so nice, “This is relaxing”…

Long legged super scary big eyed spooky, spooky monster

But I can’t remember if I got him in my dream!


About the author


I love to write short stories, poetry and novice physics but I don't write as much as I should. My favorite poets are James Agee and Pablo Neruda because they to me, are very deep but totally different poets. I love the romance and life of Neruda and the eeriness and struggle of Agee. I am a person of solitude and often times mistaken.


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