Laid down the honesty your shades of you

the dark, the light, the misty ranges of your beckoning skate

Teeming Lincoln a variant of the diner, glide past as I become drunk

In casual mast and doors enclosure, musk and mud tither through

Your gay freckle, burst of hilarity, a sermon seeking draw

And I, wondering at it all, sauntering, treading, noticing you

She could seem subtle, plain full or playful

where lines seem reaching, where approach bids reproachful

Mine I do know, the privacy peak, to speak, to grow, to get bored

What would seem so languished, is not more than a beureau

Yet I know you are there in the case of the scope

Just pick a friend seems so fancy, as I observe

Then the curve and it slowly feigns importance

A true friend is so rare, the heart well aware

And the bond ties two close in accordance

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