I Could Never Love Another After Loving You


Are you really saying bye? Girl, I can’t believe my ears!
I’m living what I’ve dread! Oh god, I’m living my worst fear!

Here I sit a broken man. Here I sit so broken down.
Here I sit a lonely figure. Here I sit on sinking ground.

What’d I do to change your view? Tell me what am I to do?
How can I go…go on living, go on living without you?!

Though I’m grown, I must cry, so let these tears fall from my eyes.
Let me weep and just maybe I can heal me deep inside.

I tried TV, it don’t work. I read the paper, still you’re there.
I try pretending I’m okay, they ask for you but I don’t care.

I tried to drink my fears away. I try to sleep way past the night.
I try pretending I’m okay but I can’t put up a good fight.

I try smiling through these tears. I try some meds so I can heal.
I try to sleep and sleep somemore hoping that this dream ain’t real.

See these tears? It is true. C’mon babe, what can I do?
Cause I could never ever love another after loving you.

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