i forgot something at your place


I´m sorry to be bothering you, by sending you a letter.

i know if i would call you it would probably be better.

If i lived a little closer i would tell you to your face,

ring at your door and tell you i left something at your place.

I dont know yet if you care,

but i know i left it there.


I left my heart in London,

i last saw it in you hands.

Maybe i could come and pick it up,

if you don´t have any plans.

I left my heart in London,

you should´ve told me in advance,

that a silly girl like i am would´ve never stood a chance.


Ever since i´m back, i have never felt the same.

Rationally i know you are just playing a game.

But i dont want to stop playing, i will gladly be the ball.

kick me, then run after me, and leave me laying in the fall.

I lost my heart at your place.

Or somewhere along the way.

I was so sure if you found it,

you´d ask me to come back and stay.


I forgot my heart where you are,

like i already said.

Maybe  you could check if it has rolled under your bed.


And i want it back, the only problem´s –just,

that i am not sure if i´ll ever get off all the dust.





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