⋅ 25 August 2010

nonsense verse

I told my mind
(using the principles of creative bidding):
"All right;
let's two write
some nonsense verse
O Mind of mine, be silent awhile
and draw from the deepest recesses
of your profundity
some short nonsense verse"

and the Mind answered
with desperate urgency:
"But what have we
been doing all this while?"

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  • Ha! Self deprecating cerebral humor. Like it very much!25 Aug 2010 by

  • Love this my friend! We must laugh at ourselves more, takes the weight off the heart... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing25 Aug 2010 by

  • I have this dilemma so often! I love the tone and phrasing f this poem.25 Aug 2010 by

  • love the sense of homour Raj!! sometimes we need a break to ease the mind from the heavy burdens of life... writing poem is one of them... :)25 Aug 2010 by

  • lol good one25 Aug 2010 by

  • How creative!!! This is one of the most honest verses that I have read so far. Laughing at oneself is a virtue possessed by very few. You are fortunate to be one of these few! I admire this trait of yours that is so beautifully reflected in this poem.25 Aug 2010 by

  • marvelous! a man who enjoys making fun of him is a true man!25 Aug 2010 by

  • love it.... funny and imaginative13 Sep 2013 by

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