⋅ 7 September 2010


Put a slice of lime
into your mojito drink.
Feel the summer taste.

Empty, old city!
Where are your citizens?
“They gave me a month off.”

The sky is deep blue.
The light clouds are crawling.
Summer rain’s coming.

The sun is shining.
The birds are singing of joy
the march of summer.

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  • Oh! What a festive season And don't know the venue? 7 Sep 2010 by

  • strung together like a necklace of pearls each complementing the other 7 Sep 2010 by

  • VERY NICE!! 7 Sep 2010 by

  • Well done... meaningful! 8 Sep 2010 by

  • wonderful! 8 Sep 2010 by

  • the soul of seasons! 8 Sep 2010 by

  • super! The sky is deep blue....,тук ме изненада приятно! 8 Sep 2010 by

  • Може ли да помоля за текстове и на български?:-) 9 Sep 2010 by

  • joyful..both your poems join hands with nature,,,,great10 Sep 2010 by

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