⋅ 16 September 2010

If birthdays didn't make you older

If alleys were blind,
If you could drive
me anywhere
near insanity's brink;
Or if time could march,
and the moon whisper
it's forgotten lines
in blue octopus ink.

If scarce winds could dance,
where soft rains kiss,
or the brave stars wink.
If my neurons were,
in that thinking circus
of blown-fuse circuits,
the weakest link.

If man is a parasite
sucks blood from earth,
grieves igneous oceans
that once gave birth;

If venial sin is always the lesser,
and time leaves us dead in the dust,
I'm bound to make you my
secret confessor,
for time never sleeps
in your rust.

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  • "forgotten lines in blue octopus ink" & "time never sleeps in your rust" perfect surrealist phrases...manifold impressions from your mind again...enjoyed it!16 Sep 2010 by

  • Agree with Shakes. a true poet's poem - - highly laced with texture and interest which grabs the mind.16 Sep 2010 by

  • I missed you.Glad I can read you again!16 Sep 2010 by

  • Missed you guys like crazy. :)16 Sep 2010 by

  • missed you too great poem17 Sep 2010 by

  • I'm with Keith on the blue octopus ink - a stand-out line. So good to see your name on PF lists again, Patti.17 Sep 2010 by

  • its been awhile since i have been online, im glad to see and read your poems again...you do have a way with words, capturing the moment and feeling...its all in our heads25 Sep 2010 by

  • I truly enjoyed this remarkable poem!28 Sep 2010 by

  • in blue octopus ink. think this should be standard writing material for all poets. great flow, really nice flow.27 Oct 2010 by

  • wow. truly blown away by such creativity! kudos.kudos.kudos.21 Nov 2010 by

  • A nice irregular rhyme scheme that sets off the thoughts perfectly. 8 Jan 2011 by

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