The Uncover True Found Beneath Your Lips


When my lips crashed with your lips

I understood why destiny took sail the way that it did

I believe that if I were to have it any other way, I would have never understood

It was fate

It was kismet

Once my lips landed on you sweet soft parted lips

I understood that the way I love you doesn’t involve physical contact

It only involves me and my feelings,

It only involves an affection so deep that I made it seem like the lover’s kind of love

If that kiss had never happened then I might have just believed that we were meant to be for all my life

Or at least that is what you want to hear

and it might be true that I am still writing about you, for you

but I only do so because my affection for you is real and I know of nobody else that could be my muse the way you are

You are my inspiration and my creativity.


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