lyrical confusion in slipknot’s eyeless


metal music, notably a genre most effective
at brain massaging, or easing
a headache… pardon me, though,
through all the screaming i am sure
I misheard something, notably on
not that i’ll actually check the lyrics,
but I’m pretty sure they’re not:

there goes playing music backwards
trying to find devilish messages
in the godfathers of the 70s,
there it goes, out the window
with the piano and the pianist still
playing it (yes, the piano) –

it would make sense, coming from
a bunch of Iowans;
as I’m sure that some would call
that masochism, id est:
easing a headache, conjured by
a strained bladder from
a decent night’s sleep…
massaging the brain with
music by a cohort of banshees;

hell, whatever the original lyrics,
sounds a lot better.

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