⋅ 4 November 2010

Two faced

A wanderer between the trees, just a shadow flickering,
Haunting whispers creep near by, my sceptic thoughts brought numbness in.
When there she stood, ahead of me, with darkness flooding from her eyes.
I did not speak, nor move my feet, and thus she looked so childlike.

And then she spoke with gentle words, "It's you I thank so dearly."
Her sweetness seethed with poisons vile, I stood with curiosity.
"Who are you?" I spoke with doubt, unsure of her existence,
"I am the Wolfe, but soon I'm you." Then darkness stole my essence.

Today I walk a tiny line, between two walls of sanity,
She dissapeared on that day, I'm left with vicious memories.
She comes to me, on darkened nights. She whispers heinous, wrathful things.
That stranger that I came across, that girl, my only remedy.

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  • A scary read Lucy - - a very vivid write. 4 Nov 2010 by

  • Waow. Mysterious, and breath-taking. Well written piece. 4 Nov 2010 by

  • a terrifying read surreal and yet realistic. Makes me remember working with Schizoid personalities. Who could apparently be two different people at one and the same time 4 Nov 2010 by

  • It may be your higer self.good writing I liked the poem. 5 Nov 2010 by

  • Commendable write, young lady....Surrealism, and Darkside are still alive and promising on todays Literary stage...You employ effulgent imagery, as well as displaying much creative potential....Keep that pen pumpin' ! ~FjR ~ 6 Nov 2010 by

  • Thank you all for your support :) 8 Nov 2010 by

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