⋅ 12 December 2010

Haiku /solitude/

this beautiful rose
survived alone by a pine-tree
nice eternity
the yard has stayed nude
no live no even sign of it
seeds under the ground
adapted in Bulgarian

Хайку (усамотение)

красива роза
оживя сама до бора
хубава вечност
дворът оголя
няма живот дори знак
семе в земя

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  • Хайде сега - при толкова приятели. Особено ми хареса второто хайку. Няма да ти казвам защо))))12 Dec 2010 by

  • Isolation, separation. Outstandingly written.nice Vessy.12 Dec 2010 by

  • great imagery....wonderful haiku.12 Dec 2010 by

  • I am amazed at the endurance of roses. Some manage to bloom even when it snows. I assume the "nice eternity" relates to the beauty and not the aloneness. I wish I could read the Bulgarian version. I don't find translations to be equal. An intriguing idea about the nudeness of the yard. Applying this to people, even when they are nude, their real selves and kind of life are found under their skin.13 Dec 2010 by

  • beautiful lines...bloom like a lone rose..14 Dec 2010 by

  • You must be a far relative to Matsuo Basho! Well done Vessy!15 Dec 2010 by

  • Nice one ..the rose survival of the prettiest, thanks...regards15 Dec 2010 by

  • nice24 Jan 2011 by

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