⋅ 15 December 2010
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I was just 16,
When I watched ‘The Ballad of Narayama’,
A Japanese movie by Shohei Imamura…
He shocked me… Still shocks… by telling
The ancient practice of abandoning parents
On mountainsides, starve to death…

Again, Shahina K.K, a reporter from Kerala
(Who works for Tehelka) Splintered my soul…
She talked about ritual murders named ‘Thalaikoothal’
Lay in the indefinable space between crime
And desperate acts of poverty…
It is a common practice in some parts of Tamilnadu…

I have been watching Tamil films from the childhood days…
The major theme was (is?) ‘Mother sentiment…’
But…God… this is madness…
Old men running away to save their lives,
In a democratic country, from their children and relatives…
How sad it is…

35% of Indian population is below 35…
But, the number of aged people is
Increasing day by day… (They say, it is alarming!)
If the situations are like these, who will protect them?

Every government is running away from
Every financial burden to support the poor…
Globalization is cut throat business,
Politicians smile! (Still 15% is reserved as bribes!)

Europe is an ‘Old age home’,
How many more days will they support you?
Every developed nation also should think…

Today I am young, tomorrow?

Postscript: Govt. of Karnataka registered a case against Shahina.KK. As the part of her job, she talked with the witnesses of an investigation related with Bangalore Explosions, planned by Lashker-e-toyba, an Islamic terrorist group. She tried to influence the witnesses, it seems! Her findings are shocking! Which Government can tolerate shocking stuff! And after all, she too is a Muslim!

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  • Barbarians are still on the prowl, Premji....in many forms....their ritual a excretion on the ever progressing cult.15 Dec 2010 by

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC3NvXU6Iys Premji, our poem and thoughts reminded me of this story, "The Trough." So...we murder our infants before birth and our elders as well. What hope do we have on this moving thread of life? Thank you for your constant upholding of justice. db15 Dec 2010 by

  • I shudder at the thought of thalaikoothal. There's one Bulgarian tale about a similar attitude to elderly people. A family decided to get rid of the old man in their family. They started throwing the leftovers in a cesspit and make the old man who hardly could walk to eat of it if he's hungry. Of course, old enough not a morsel could he have. The next day the family saw their son digging something in the yard. When they asked him what he was doing, the boy answered them, "I'm preparing cesspit for you. To have a place to eat." Nobody knows how the story ends up. Yours has an end. A bitter end. That's our mission as poets - not to allow this things happen. At least, to stand against them! Thank you for sharing dear Prem!16 Dec 2010 by

  • I couldn't help but feel ill at the sheer brutality of such a habit17 Dec 2010 by

  • this is sheer brutuality !!!18 Dec 2010 by

  • Brutuality! He has forgotten to inject into human veins the Venom?24 Dec 2010 by

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