⋅ 23 December 2011

Lost & Found

With folded arms, I watch the city go by



Too busy to whisper a word.
The world unaware of my world.

My mind seems so eager today
To measure twenty two stories
To see if the air rushing past my face
Can freeze the blood rushing through my veins.
To fly above all and fall in love with you again.

Like a bird I nestled my dreams.
I never felt the air of defeat.
Now I see your face in the sky.
Not every dream comes true.
But how can I stop dreaming about you.

Yesterday we were one.
Yesterday we danced in the sun.
Yesterday I found myself

Today I want to lose myself

To find you again.

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  • strangely moving is this poem... its immediacy and honesty is compelling24 Dec 2011 by

  • so true. Not every dream comes true. Luckily we can adapt and find another dream. This is a rather brilliant write. Can sooo relate. tfs24 Dec 2011 by

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