St. Pancras Station


I wonder what she is doing,
That person who runs past
With a look, something
Like pain on their face,
The flash of sunshine
As her yellow coat flies by,

I wonder what he is thinking
As the look of confusion
Deepens on his face,
As he tugs on his hat
As if wanting to hide
From his thoughts,

I wonder where that family are going
As the children laugh in elation
And the parents smile,
Tired but happy,
They are going the same way as me,

What am I doing as I watch the yellow coated woman?

What am I thinking as the confused man
Tries to hide away?

Where am I going as I follow the excited Family?

They look up and notice me watching,
I smile,
they do too,
A smile full of understanding,
A smile of strangers,
just passing each other by.


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