⋅ 19 January 2011

The Seven Senses of the Human body

The Seven Senses of the human body.
~~~ ~~~ ( As an Acrostic ) ~~~ ~~~

The Acrostic Poem; a simple form as seen
Has the first letter of each line as theme
Epigrammic,just what this Poet wishes be

So let me now explain The Seven Senses
Establishing a First Sense of Animation
Vigor and vivacity and vitality fantastic
Elation and ebullience so enthusiastic.
No human should be without Animation

Second of senses ,think and now agree
Especial sense , one you need regularly
Now feeling the sensation of your touch
Sympathy ,compassion such sensitivity.
Emotion and tenderness to all our family
Sensation and awareness true sensibility

Of the third, simple,appreciate beseech
From early age develop power of speech

The first words being Momma look at me
Having skills of this enables one to teach
Endless conversation with hi vocabulary

Have we now the Fourth sense of Taste
Unequaled in the pleasure to once eat
Masticate to benefit the protein instantly
And keep the teeth n gums so very clean
Now sit back enjoy the very best Cuisine

Bright eyed and observant a spectacle
Only sight can furnish this sense an will
Delight if you have it Darkness if cursed.
You will appreciate the sight as Godsent

A precious sense sight n all phenomenon
Sixth sense we document the hearing

An essential sense to support the speech
No substitute for this unless hand signs

Audition of understanding the frequency
Clear silence could be one aid to study.
Rounding off this summary of body sense
Obeisance and homage sense of smell
Sadly if this fades with age or sinus ailed
The sense of smells of memories of ago
In fragrant nose gays gathered summers
Completes a humble poem of the senses.

~ ~ ~ ~~ 19th January 2011 ~~~~~

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