Let Me Explain


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Just let me explain…


It’s not that I don’t love you, dear. I’m just a private man.
I love you with all my heart so please, try to understand.


It’s not that I don’t care, dear. Emotions are hard to show.
You are my better half and I could never let you go.


It’s not that I don’t listen, dear. Whenever you talk to me.
With stress I have, my mind goes blank. Baby, can’t you see?


It’s not that I’m obsessed, dear. I’m just a jealous guy.
I’m very insecure with self. You see the tears I cry?


It’s not that I don’t miss you, dear. This could never be.
I’m always missing you and I shall never set you free.


It’s not that I can’t tell you, dear, all this face to face.
You are my one and only. None shall ever take your place.


I love you.


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