Willingly lost in this hidden collection

A land-e-scape of lust to grant me consolation

within dreams of plastic bodies,

ardent sighs & growing heat

I burn, somehow just not alive,

though I still breathe


soul in a coma, the pillow bites the brain

with teeth of freezing quiet

bleeding lips of Cain

whispering to a fallen man

that still hasn’t forgotten the boy

Revived by watching others

Pretend to enjoy


Easily I forget how I fall after each storm

Easily I erase every trace of where I’ve gone

Yet you still haunt a sleepy mind

A prayer or a wraith?

So vivid when my days are long, twisted

& without faith


& I yearn to know what wonders you would bring

Though I always needed less

Backtracking just to lose myself again

Unsteady on my long return to consciousness


A half-rotten spirit made you its shrine

Invoked through a sin, yet you age like wine

Inspiring a broken man

Still wrapped up in white

Ripped between his fears

& a wish

for a lifetime of delight




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