Unwedded Bliss


It seems like so long,
since I could say “so long”,
to all of my problems.
The list is just SO LONG.


I don’t like to prolong.
I ain’t been a pro long.
If ever..
So forth – ‘n so on.


And, right now,
my wordplay’s so forth – ‘n SO ON!
Say; WORD! rome, PLAY on!


Please, stop me – if I’m wrong.


I ain’t seen PEACE,
in a place,
where I feel – Peace belongs.


If I may
piece together
this piece – of writing
on Peace,
that’s jus’ been released
from my Jesus piece,
that lies beneath
the piece – of gargoyle teeth
that retreat – below my
gargoyle sweater.


Fashion can’t get much better.


That is
Unless It was worn by Hester Prynne, herself.
But I shan’t let ‘er.


My gargoyle’s a peaceful shade of blue.
Not Scarlett – in this peace-filled letter.


Speakin’ of the Scarlett Letter.
It’s birthplace – is where he first met her.


In Puritan Boston, Massachusetts,
is where he’d bed ‘er.


But the plant, he’d plant
wasn’t suitable for a planting bedder.


THIS is where that missing PEACE,
that I spoke of – would beget ‘er.


B’cause (back then)
PEACE was nonexistent,
whereas he didn’t wed ‘er.


Which brings us full circle,
‘n times t’day – aren’t much better!

-rome ©2016


  • That first part…. I simply love that! It’s always a pleasure to read your poems. I may not always comment, but I do notice your work and I’m sometimes one of those “silent readers in the background” that is always in awe of your work. Great job on this and what you do in this poetry world.

  • I like your stuff as much as the next fellow! What a splendid rythm and sound to it. I said it before and I say it again man, your style is unique and you bless us with quality. Thank you for that.

  • what the…?!? I can feel my consciousness expanding.. dude, you’ve written so much amazing stuff before, but I couldn’t even imagine something like this.. just where does this come from? :O

    • It came from some late night experimenting, with words.
      I wanted to see how many Peace/Piece variations I could manipulate into a story.

      Then, I went back & added to both the beginning & end.
      The outcome was a surprise to me..
      I had no intentions of making a statement.

      You seem to feel the same about my words, as I do yours.. Ir’s great!

    • Always attempting to push the envelope, my friend.
      I want that “awe factor” involved in most everything I write.

      If I can move people to that extent, I’m happy.

      Appreciate you!

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