For an hour or two


And tomorrow became yesterday,

But it’s ok, it’s not the first time I die.



All the brains that I have just add up to nothing,

a shapeless question mark painted with some dust specks

during the worse tempest that I have ever seen,

thus forging the totem of my own foolishness.


Let me just be myself, for a moment or two.


One table between us, fifty pounds of hardwood;

the final obstacle to this extended race.

My heart and nose are stuffed but I still smell the food;

that meal was cooked by us yet served to someone else…


I’d order if I could a glass of wine or two.


Sweet kruška before me, green bottle teaching us,

Talking ’bout life lessons, setting the perfect mood.

Some of that, lot of this, nothing we can’t discuss,

I must not be bothered for I am where I should.


Completing a puzzle made of one piece or two.


You can all go to hell, you judgmental goonies

or heaven if you want, why would you think I’d care

I don’t want nor your help or your understanding,

love and appreciation are handed in fair share.


To feel complete I need, one tender smile or two.


She came to me, she did, “how” is not important;

Be it in a taxi, or a magic carpet.

My phone put on sleep mode, don’t issue a warrant;

I got me dosed again, dope from the love market.


And after that I’m fixed, for an hour or two


Be the best I can be out of her volition,

If you name this concept, whisper it with your heart

It surely isn’t much of a definition

Broken relationship, fixed with some counterpart.


Made my mind in no more than a second or two.


The asking price ain’t cheap, but believe me I’ll pay

For you’re worth any trip, the best fix of them all;

The aftermath strikes hard, harder every new day,

there are now between us twenty thousand tables.



And tomorrow became yesterday, 

But it’s ok, it’s not the first time I die.


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