⋅ 7 February 2011

A Sower Weeps

A Sower Weeps

©2011, Olan L. Smith

For too long I weep for humanity
Through lifetimes too numerous to tally
It has been my obligation to observe
In times of famine, war and premature deaths
And enhance the health of my designed creation.

Another cheers victories of unity,
Another lifts expectations of optimism
For a troubled harvest,
And— even another consoles the heart
Of survivors, for it is their sole task
To assist, the precious jewel of this realm― Earth.

Wings of angel are mid all things,
Living and inanimate―
They lift and comfort those forlorn
And only That which creates a Garden
Will weep over its untimely demise.

In between is a creation thrashing about,
Struggling with its own self and for their purpose
And they wish to understand why and how things exits
Yet, they refuse to open their inner eye of understanding
And they create gods to worship, to bow down before―
They insisting knowledge is discernible,
Finitely and they can grasp the infinite
With their mortal hands.

It is not a matter of where we originated
It is a matter of who we are
Our why we subsist—
It is an issue of what we have achieved
And what will be accomplish
To make this world a better place
And improving the prospects for our children
And their children’s, children.

Hope is alive, though our potential is unsure
And with deliberate strides we can be—
Camp Hope Earth.

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  • Though simple to the untrained eye, this magnificent poem is in contrast a very complex write for even a seasoned poet. Olan, astounding write! Welcome to PF, StandingBear 7 Feb 2011 by

  • and boom you rocked my boat. you are very convincing for one facing serious doubts regarding truth and the nature of reality. there's a lot here to think about - thank you. 7 Feb 2011 by

  • Oh Olan the beauty of this has me weeping . I can't convey adequately how this touched me 7 Feb 2011 by

  • Thank you, Selena; my friend for you emotional comment. Love, peace and freedom. Olan. 7 Feb 2011 by

  • the last stanza tells everything... 8 Feb 2011 by

  • A deep and thought provoking piece! It gives an excellent philosophical perspective to some of the petty divides in life.10 Feb 2011 by

  • our poem of truths and hope is well taken and a serious consideration for the future.13 Feb 2011 by

  • There is so much wisdom in your lines and what really did it for me is "it is not a matter of where we originated, it is a matter of who we are". So many wars have been caused through religion and who is to say which one is absolutely correct. There is the universal law of love and as you say so well, can open the inner eye and understanding is the key to this love. Thank for this in- depth poem and for the hope you hold in your heart~~~13 Feb 2011 by

  • Hope is alive... And with focus,faith and love,we do well in making this world a better place.30 Mar 2011 by

  • A nice write my friend, a second slower read really brings out the hopefulness, it is fear that robs hope, be well my friend k 5 Apr 2011 by

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