⋅ 24 February 2011

"Shining India"

"The Sky is Shining
With Millions and Millions of Stars ,
The Wonderful Sun is Smiling
With the Rays of Hope and Joy ,
See India Shining in Glory
See India Shining in Pride.
India , My motherland best as any Mother
To me , at par with best world ever.
India's Invention of Zero and Decimal ,
Critical to scientific Calculation , Invention.
India Shining
Incredible India
Lead India
Exotic India
Unveiling Desires of India
Let's face it ,
It's still India
It's our India. "

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  • beautiful tribute to your homeland.. :)24 Feb 2011 by

  • All nations and peoples of our world today have reason to have pride. The accomplishments and endurance of anscenstors are the reason we are all here today. Great job!24 Feb 2011 by

  • Great poem to be proud of.25 Feb 2011 by

  • Thanks to all. :-)13 Jun 2011 by

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