⋅ 25 February 2011

The Dance of Love's Most Perfect Blade

You take your blade and dig it deep
into my lovely breast. You twist
and turn repeatedly, in this,
the dance that you have chose. Now turn!
Dig in! Delight in deep’ning pain!
You feel the dance become intense -
Hold on to me, lest I should fall,
Your careful plunder just a game
to soothe your aching soul. Upon
my wound you touch your lips to taste
my blood that flows. Be gentle now
as I am faint and in your care.
Remove your knife with softest kiss,
and hear my heart that beats so loud.
Your tears for me, they do not fall
but drip from knife as poison rain.
You please yourself as I then slip -
A heap upon the bloody ground.

Copyright 2010 Kimberly Hillard

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  • too near to truth for cpmfort25 Feb 2011 by

  • The iambic is greatly melodic. But, oh my, the subject. Ouch and ouch again!26 Feb 2011 by

  • Thank you all for the comments! I appreciate them :-)26 Feb 2011 by

  • Since young fellows have been termed "blades" this seems applicable to the cruel romances that so well destroy for somebody else's momentary satisfaction. But this is far deeper. Fascinating, beautifully executed, eerie. 6 Mar 2011 by

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