⋅ 1 March 2011

Step Dad, You are so bad

Step dad, you are so bad,
My mom fought with her ex for so many years,
To give us the protected and happy life she dreamed,
Then you came as her new husband and ruined our dreams.

Step dad, you are so bad,
You tried to impose your house rules,
Don't watch tv, and use cell phone when we do our homework,
You don't know multi tasking, you are an old dude.

Step dad, you are so bad,
You made your children so independent,
That they do not care about you when they grew up,
You teach us the responsibility by telling us to wash our own dinner plates.

Step dad, you are so bad,
My dad is sugar dad, he still gives what we want,
My mom finds us sugar uncles, who give us our cherished dreams,
You teach us to live within your means, you are really so bad.

Step children, you are so cool,
I live by my standards, I raised my kids pretty well,
Your Mom is your guardian, she has her own ways,
You are free and independent, she thinks she is doing well

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  • well ,your described so well a problem of being step father ,it is a huge challenge ,tfs 1 Mar 2011 by

  • Nice poem on the troubles of being a step father, a shame when there is potential for a good relationship. 1 Mar 2011 by

  • clear differentiation between dad and step-dad in this write.tfs 2 Mar 2011 by

  • I for frst can't relate, but finally i did.. lol.. nice cry of a soul ... 6 Mar 2011 by

  • Relationships we try and build but sad when rebellion strikes. Reality strikes our heart through your subtle but sad poem.13 Mar 2011 by

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