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Preserve Earth!

Summer heat is burning the body from top to foot;
Raging heat is melting the body as butter on the bread;
All activities in the street are silent in the day time;
In the evening people brisk as ant buy and go home!

Global warming due to pollution is melting Arctic ice;
Tornadoes and heavy rain lash out and disappear;
Nobody knows what the next move of Nature will be;
Hottest summer and coldest winter punish people!

Ultraviolet rays of Sun pass through the atmospheric holes,
Cause blister to the skin and diseases to the eye of people;
No more Sun bath lovers can have as Baywatch in the beach;
Dangerous and harmless diseases affect all kinds of people!

Leaving this Earth where else man can go and settle?
Even in the Moon and Mars nothing has been done so far;
But rockets are fired everyday to Space to explore planets;
Why can’t we preserve Earth instead of such pursuits?

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