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Passionate Love – II

No ambition can be achieved in the world without love and knowledge;
But passionate love activates whole soul to achieve even impossible!
Without passionate love cherished dreams can never be achieved!
For, human being is a bundle of emotion that fuels passion to prevail.

Passion is the supreme power that creates and destroys all in the world!
Temples, schools, libraries, poems and novels are all works of passion
That lives immortal life in the hearts of men for generations to come!
For, power of love and truth only make human soul perfect in the world!

Fire of passion never subsides unless satisfied by pleasure in enjoyment!
Power of passion manifests itself in action as noted in history and literature!
For, feelings only make men to think, do or solve everything in the world!
It is true without feeling man cannot understand and do anything in life!

Without difficulties happiness cannot be understood and enjoyed in life!
Hunger cannot be controlled or satisfied unless fed with food in time!
Without suitable things basic human needs also cannot be satisfied either!
So, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs need fulfillment.

Desire of sensual passion kindles lustful fire making man a mere animal;
But passion for true love makes a human being strong and great divine!
Passionate love for knowledge and truth makes one bright and clear ever!
Passionate love for Ultimate Reality makes one a clear, pure and free soul!

Passionate love for physical appetite blocks intellectual and spiritual quests!
Passionate love for sensual pleasures makes one a slavish animal forever!
Passionate love for intellectual truth turns a human into a rational being!
Passionate love for spiritualism promotes rational being to divinity here!

Emotional, intellectual, spiritual pleasures are the stepping stones to perfection;
Fulfilling natural needs man achieves perfection through woman, art and Nature!
For, man is an incomplete jigsaw puzzle born for this purpose in the world; and
He passionately proceeds in all his activities in life only for complete fulfillment.

Passionate love for physical pleasures has to be satisfied first before everything;
Next realising realism by wisdom Ultimate Reality has to be realised by intellect;
Then mystically man in communion with Nature can enjoy divine bliss forever!
So also, passionate love only transcends barriers of body and mind to eternal bliss!

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