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The Art of Culture – II

Peace of mind gives freedom to man;
Peaceful life gives bliss to man in the world,
A rare feat that can change hell into heaven here itself!

How can such a peace be achieved on the Earth?
Such a peace comes when one’s own time stops!
Can we stop time the eternal worker of the Universe?
No one can change Fate of man in the world;
But anyone can change according to Fate.

Nude we came and nude we go at the end,
Not the nude of the body, but the mind, the spirit!
That is the way to achieve peace, freedom, liberation!

How can man achieve such a goal in the world?
Knowledge, good and great, one should learn;
Wealth, fair and just, one should earn;
Pleasure, heart, mind and soul, one should enjoy;
And liberation, heart, mind and soul, one can achieve!

Why is mankind mirthless and melancholic today?
The rule of classicism came to an end all round the world;
And cultural life also came to an end along with it;
But the relics of classicism still remain everywhere.

Then sentimental romanticism replaced classicism nook and corner;
Intensive emotional expressions found its way in the people’s culture,
That is, as in art, literature, music, dance and drama in life also!
Culture has become the property of a few called aristocrats;
Modern culture has become the way of life thro technocrats.

The art of culture today follows the method of intellectual romanticism;
Emotionally intellectual romanticism is informally individual and dynamic
Unlike the formally extensive social, static arts of the intellectual classic.
So, modern culture both romantic and technocratic is full of variety
Though not wise yet scientifically intelligent in art and life today.

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