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I Stand Here Looking From The Bridge

I stand here looking from the bridge,
the water flows below.
I’m contemplating life and death,
something you’d never know.

To passers by, a man stood still,
just watching boats go by.
But deep inside, I’m racked with fears,
From my shallow, pointless life.

My family gone, my past erased,
except for in my head.
With money gone, and home a box.,
no children in their beds.

The streets are cold, the pavement hard,
come rain, or snow, or shine.
And I can barely figure out,
why this life should still be mine.

There’s cloudy reminiscence
of happy, joyful times.
Of playing games and singing songs,
guessing movies out of mimes.

But they have gone for good now,
my children lost their lives.
And with them went my sunshine,
my reason, and my drive.

So off into the water,
i jump down to my death.
It’s so cold and very icey,
so chilled it takes my breath.

A brief moment of panic,
as my lungs fill up with water.
The last sight through my memories eye,
are my young Son, and tiny Daughter.

My body’s dead and drifting,
it’ll wash up on the shore.
But my spirits free and sailing,
as to the skies I sore.

I’m summoned upward, through the clouds,
towards the pearly gates.
And there stand my little children,
now I know my fate.

Heath Gunn

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