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Trying to find a way

Have you were wondered how everything can just die.
All your hopes can drowns and you love one can die.
In this world things like that happen, the wind blows and I fall.
But I don’t know how to fight and get to my regular way.
I fight the sadness and show the footprints of evil a pathway that leads them out of my way, but then still they return back.
I cry, searching for luck.
But not knowing that luck will not come and land on me like a magical fairy.
The clouds will not disappear; I will not see the rainbow.
I will be lost in a field of leaf clovers, but none of them will be luck for me.
I will be in a world all by my self trying to find the pieces to my broken heart.
My mind will always be lost and I will be in there trying to be a way back to my happy life.
I might be destroyed, but I will know even though my hopes and crushed, happiness has left, and love will never come back.
My everything is gone and dead, I am still alive trying to find a way.

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