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if you become mine

If you become mine,
I don’t know what I’ll do,
Maybe I’ll die.
I will love you forever,
And never will I not remember you.
I will be yours forever.
If you become mine,
I will forget bout any relationships,
And only care bout you.
Only will you, I’ll look at,
Only will you, I’ll think of.
Who ever you don’t like,
I will not talk to them.
I will break all the mirrors that don’t reflect your face.
You will always be in my heart.
I will live in your heart,
And make you my home.
I will decorate your dreams.
I swear I will change the destiny.
If you become mine,
I will leave my family,
And only care bout you.
I will lock you up in my heart,
And not let anyone steal you.
I will make you mine,
And make you relationship unbreakable,
Not even god will be able to break us apart.
If you become mine,
I promise, I’ll change and never make you cry.

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