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Hopes Messenger

i awoke in a different place today, not the place I know

i think i felt my soul again, some strange emotion from its hole

i abandoned the world once, to escape from all the pain

yet i think ive found something new, its surly not the same

i thought myself dead inside, my heart replaced with bile

yet i saw the sun rise today, awoken by her amazing smile

i never saw the good in me, but through her i realize

ive grown so cold inside, but i see hope within her eyes

i think she showed me joy that day, that day i dared to feel

her touch caused my heart to beat, and all my wounds seemed to heal

shes shown me something i had lost, or simply to afraid to seek

i may not be the one for her, but ive felt enough to be not so weak

dedicated to Amanda
written by Beau Bennett 3-20-09

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