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Too fast, impatient and irritant people talk much
And create commotion, chaos and crisis always!
To take a decision if you have a consultation
They talk and talk out of matters much to dismay!

If they happen to be your wife and children how is it?
It is a hell to live in such a situation in any family life!
A man of action gets head ache to deal with such guys
To take decision and solve a problem posing a threat!

Whether it is a serious situation or critical moment in life
Can anyone get any useful information from them?
Rare indeed to get any sensible thoughts to get solace
When one is in soup anywhere on a tour or in a group!

What can you say about the life of a man of merit
Caught in a web fate has weaved to a long life so?
Can you say it is a bad luck or unfortunate period
Of mission among great, small and ill minds in life?

Will separation solve the matter between them then?
The first mistake made will lead to many mistakes after;
This lesson of experience should keep one silent in job
To settle all matters and coolly leave life in peace soon!

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