I Kiss You (I Taste Something New)


Every day I taste something new

When I kiss you;

Coffee, bubblegum, pasta, wine,

Hot cocoa, candy bars,

roasted marshmallows, de vine.

But once in a while I just taste

Your naked lips.

Wrapped in each other’s arms

For an endless kiss.

Every day I taste something new.

But I know when our anniversary is,

By the taste of your naked lips.

My mind goes crazy,

trying to escape me,

When our lips are pressed & flush.

It’s times like this that’s most scary.

Trapped in a historic moment

That repeats itself,

like a record that skips

Everytime it gets to a certain part.

Scratched by the arrow of cupid’s bow.

I know our anniversary, and you know.

Dec 27, 2017

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